The Ucommerce is pushing the Fresh Home Delivery Logistics in new directions.
To increase the value, the logistic service is changing. Logistics firms need to be faster (“speed-to-market”), predictable and much more focused on the last mile.

Deliveries are required in 2 hours and to be served after working hours, including Sunday.

The Ucommerce market will require to speed the logistics process and to be more innovative.
The challenge is to ship food or other thermosensitive materials, like pharmaceuticals, without any temperature excursion that can affect their integrity.

In that sense, Tempack designs, tests and qualifies insulated packaging solutions based on the external temperature your product will encounter while in transit.
Using climatic chambers, we test your individual packaging system according to the industry standards and/ or custom temperature profiles.
By simulating packaging performance, we ensure the maintenance of the cold chain of your perishable shipments.

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