The food industry has been slow to expand into e-commerce, due to issues such as freshness, product damage, low margins compared to other consumer products and logistical matters. The challenge is not only to reduce costs of delivery, but to also differentiate based upon quality and reliability of service.

The most important challenge is to achieve the last mile and to keep the cold chain. What happens if the ice cream arrives melted? How fast can be damaged the image of a company if the customer is unhappy about how the food arrives at their homes.

The clients expect: deliver fast and good quality of the products. The challenge of the cold chain logistic process is the most talent.

The race is on trucks, bicycles, Uber and drones. Bikes are already a very cost effective last mile solution in cities and Uber and ride services continue to increase as last mile solutions.

The companies have to adapt their packaging/solutions to the logistics in any case. We have developed for several companies the most appropriate solution to assure the clients receive their foods in their range temperature. Despite the logistic and transport modus the products must be carried and brought safe to our homes.